1917 (2020)

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    1917 Movie Review:

    Unlike World War 2, wherein the warring sides were clearly known with reasons & intent, world War 1 is complex and often confusing to most history lovers including me. So, I decided to watch this movie as one bespoke incidence in world war 1 and not to cloud my mind with too many Ifs and buts.

    The plot is rather simple as shown in the movie trailer – A message is to be delivered to a battalion/regiment of British forces to not to walk into a trap laid out by Germans as it would mean endangering lives of 1700 British soldiers.

    This task of delivering a message is assigned to a duo of soldiers and they have to cross No Man’s Land, some war zones where crossfire is likely, walk through the trenches and fences and defuse the mines, fight with sporadic enemy assaults coming from unknown quarters and reach the British regiment and deliver the message. The motivation for one of the soldiers in the team of two is that his brother is in that British regiment which is likely to walk into the trap. So, the reward for him to not only save the entire regiment but also save his brother’s life.

    On a lighter note, I am tempted to say that, the film is structured almost like a video game; mission-oriented, with thinly sketched characters & the man with a mission, has to cross the every ‘level’ they complete and then win the game.

    On a serious note, the movie is a spectacle and delight to watch.

    The movie starts with the illusion of a single, unbroken shot of two soldiers walking through the trenches and it sort of draws the basic landscape of what we are about to see in the rest of the movie.

    Reuniting with his regular cinematographer, the legendary Roger Deakins, director Mendes builds the foundation of this movie with this opening shot.

    The attempt of these two Lace corporals Schofield and Blake towards their destination is filled with blood & toil, hand to hand combat, a fighter plane coming down on to them and gunfights which are just too realistic and graphic.

    Although the scale of this film is not as epic & magnum like Saving Private Ryan, which is the Mount Everest in the War films category, this film still keeps you engrossed and engaged completely and thoroughly.

    I would recommend to watch this film if you are a die-hard fan of well-made War films and are keep followers of war history.


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