Article 15 (2019)

Drama, Crime | 2 Hour 10 Min
Article 15 Movie Review

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    Article 15 Movie Review

    Article 15 is a 2019 Indian crime drama film directed Anubhav Sinha produced by Zee Studios and Benaras Media Works. The film is written by Gaurav Solanki and Anubhav Sinha.

    As the title suggests, the subject is about article 15 of the Indian constitution, which is guarantees that there will be no discrimination on the basis of cast religion, language.

    The producer, director and screenplay writer Anubhav Sinha (co-writer Gaurav Solanki) this time (compared to their earlier film Mulk) drive the point home in a hard-hitting manner without losing the grip on the narrative even once.

    The film tells the story of India, Bharat and Hindustan that we all live, and the paradox and the contradiction that we encounter when these 3 meet up each other. For some people its a daily ordeal and for some once in a while.

    The film is based on Article 15 of the Indian Constitution, which prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of the birth. Article 15 takes inspiration from true life events, including 2014 Badaun gang rape allegations and 2016 Una flogging incident. Ayushmann Khurrana, the protagonist, is playing a police officer in the film. It stars Ayushmann Khurrana, Isha Talwar, Sayani Gupta, Kumud Mishra, and Manoj Pahwa, Nassar, Ronjini Chakraborty, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Prarthana Behere in supporting roles.

    The contradictions and the disparity between Bharat and Hindustan are more hard-hitting and tormenting and also some time humiliating when a person who is in public service (Govt Hospital doctor, Teacher, or any such Public servant from India crosses has to deal with realities thereof – which are cast system, abject poverty and economic disparity.

    This is a story of such IPS officer Ranjan (Played by Ayushman Khurana) who takes charge of a small town in UP after getting transferred from a Metro city. He is immediately required to deal with a case of 3 missing girls who are from the lower cast and finds 2 of them hanging on a tree the next morning, while the 3rd girl is missing. He is an idealistic, uncorrupt police officer and starts to understand the disturbing facets of the cast system and its dynamics, which constantly controls his work area and the environment. He struggles to find his way and gets into nitty gritties rather quickly and decides to takes them head-on.

    The film is heavy, grim and disturbing and grey and sometimes dark.

    The high class cinematography (Ewan Mulligan) and palpable background score adds a chill to the bone with palpable tension in the air.

    The images are sometimes provocative and uncomfortable and the dialogues leave an impact.

    There are direct references to the living politicians and the political parties and they bring in the element of harsh realities that we only read sometimes in the English newspaper.

    The plot is concluded well and with a logical and rather optimistic view.

    Ayushman Khurana is brilliant and he carries the cross all along to make this film so convincing and hard hitting.

    A 10 times, better watch than Kabir Singh. Let us know what are your views about Article 15 Movie Review in the comments section below.


    © Milind Ghangrekar

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