Harriet (2019)

Drama, Action | 2 Hour 6 Min
Harriet Movie Review

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    Harriet Movie Review


    I got to know about this film only after seeing the Oscar list of the nomination of the lead actress in this film, for Best Actor (female) in a leading role.

    So this prompted me to see this film.

    This is a true story of a slave woman Harriet Tubman in pre-civil war America during which time, Slavery in most southern parts of America was practiced under the law. Only a few states in the North like Pennsylvania had abolished slavery.
    History, heroism, and leadership are the hallmarks of this film by Kasi Lemmon.
    Cynthia Erivo gives a terrific performance as Tubman, a slave who suffers from blackouts and religious visions, after being assaulted as a child, which gives her a miraculous self-possession and confidence in her own destiny.
    Erivo embodies Harriet’s courage, resourcefulness, physical toughness, and the angst and the pain.
    The net result is that we get to see an interesting combination of slave-escape drama, an action thriller, a western and prayer-power possessed the character of the Harriet who gives a solid performance.
    Born as Araminta Ross on a US slave plantation in the early 19th century, Harriet Tubman did not merely escape to the north ( where they have abolished slavery ) – where she took the new freedom name Harriet – but led impossibly daring raids back into enemy territory to rescue more enslaved black men and women.

    She became a legendary activist of the network of covert refuges and safe passage routes that helped slaves reach freedom.

    An interesting film and a well-deserved nomination for Cynthia Erivo for the best actress in the leading role.


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