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Super 30 Movie Review

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    Super 30 Movie Review

    First things first: it is a film that proves what a powerful and competent actor Hrithik Roshan is.

    It is particularly unique for a Juhu-Bandra Boy to internalize the struggle of a Bihar village teacher and project his emotional graph, his struggle and his triumph.

    Only a talented, god-gifted actor can do this. And Hrithik proves that beyond any doubt.

    As we know, this is a true story of Anand Kumar (The mathematician) from Bihar, whose economic deprivation, stops him in making his journey to Cambridge and then he falls in to the trap of poverty and cant even make his ends meet.

    He gets lured by coaching class industry (coaching class Mafias) and soon becomes the celebrity teacher and also most sought after teacher of Maths and for all entrance examinations.

    But soon that moment of truth hits him hard when he sees himself in a less privileged, bright student who can’t pay the coaching class fees, and decides to start a Super 30 coaching class batch of students without charging them any fees, and specifically for students from extremely poor families.

    The subsequent struggle to sustain through difficult times, taking the Coaching Class Mafia head on and then attaining the glory is captured in the movie.

    While the movie loses its grip in second half, it still manages to hold your attention and keeps you interested. The director has shown restraint in not making Hrithik Roshan dance in any song and instead uses his acting prowess skillfully.

    The movie has many inspiring, motivating moments- The one major key take away point in this movie is that * a good teacher can transform some one’s life from ordinary to extra-ordinary* . This can be even a mentor, friend or your colleague or even your boss.

    So metaphorically speaking, one must choose people that you spend your time with, is the key take away from this movie.

    Please do watch this movie if you remember any of your good teacher who made a difference in your life, and also for Hrithik Roshan to appreciate what a fine actor he is. Let us know your views on Super 30 Movie Review in the comments section below.

    © Milind Ghangrekar

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