Thappad (2020)

Drama | 2 Hour 22 Min
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    Thappad Movie Review:

    I was apprehensive of sitting through in a movie, whose plot becomes absolutely clear from its trailer.

    So we already know before entering the theater that, the story is about a happily married couple, that goes through a separation process, because the husband in a fit of rage (in a quarrel in a party with someone else), slaps his wife who tries to stop him, and as a result, the wife asks for divorce.

    A tough job for a filmmaker to push this agenda in a story on the screen to keep you engaged whose ending is already known to the viewer.

    I would say, the filmmaker succeeds in doing a fantastic job and we get involved in Amruta’s pain, anger and the whole decision-making process by which she decides, not to stay with her husband.

    It highlights domestic misogyny in such a forceful manner that it shakes you up.

    Anubhav and Mrunmayee make this possible mainly because of the excellent screenplay and the whole treatment of the film.

    They have handled this whole subject with utmost sincerity and class and without any melodrama.

    Tapasi Pannu is the central pillar around which the whole movie revolves. Her craft and characterization are of a high standard that we only get to see in Hollywood, in movies with such delicate subjects.

    The best part is the dialogues, which is a very delicate job for such a subject. The simple lines sort of give you reminders about your own value system and provoke you to have some principles, on which you will not negotiate no matter what are the consequences.

    A disturbing movie – but a good movie –

    It reminded me of an Iranian Movie – Separation, which had the same story (not exactly the same but on similar lines) and after 9 years of its release, I still remember it so vividly.

    I am sharing both trailers for your quick view.

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